We help businesses discover and resolve issues in branding, communications and marketing to generate revenue for your business.

Our service cover 4 areas: Strategy, Branding, IT & Technology and Operations. These are four essential areas to build or transform a business into digital, from planning to development, maintenance and operations.


Discovery, planning, market research

Gain clarity into where your business was, where it is now and where to best go next. Enhance your business decision making process with data. Work out a plan of attack that is grounded on sound fundamentals to drive your business forward while minimising risks and maximising resource utilisation.

IT & Technology

eCommerce, Website, Mobile App, & Custom System

Understand the importance of a robust backbone that keep the cogs of a business working together perfectly. Tap into our pool of talents to advise and implement the best technology that works for your business.


Consistent brand Identity for your business, product or service

Create an action driven representation of your business to achieve the desired results. With a purposeful brand, deliver the results that your customers want and ultimately accomplish the goals you desire for your business.

Implementation & Operations

People, process and operations

Establish the necessary foundation and set targeted goals with measurable objectives to maximise the revenue generating potential of any business initiatives in your organisation. Minimise distractions and focus on your key business activities while we take care of the rest for you.

The Process

Business & Brand Discovery

Start with a deep dive into your business to understand the process, product, services and operation. We will work together with you and your team to identify business direction and goals. I.e. What your business aim to acheive in 1, 2 or 5 years? What is your challenges? What does success look like?

Customer Profile Identfication

Next, we will identify your customer group and the potential customer that you have missed out. We will design a process that is able to collect data digitally and allow us to map out the effort needed for marketing and advertising.

Brand, Service or Product Differentiation

Competitor and marketing analysis to identify the current state and obstacles against your business goals. We will incorporate all platforms available and develop strategies for generating paid engagement and conversions.

Strategy Playbook

We will create an inbound and outbound marketing strategy for your team to implement. This includes a plan targeted towards the focus customer group and ways to move the funnels with content or campaigns. Every strategy we develop ultimately drives conversion and revenue.

Implementation & Operation

We will help your team to implement the strategy and routine operation in terms of ads management, social media management and web management if required. We make sure the playbook is actionable and practical for your business.

Area We Help With

We work with businesses in the following areas. If you looking to expand and grow your business, we are happy to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@visuer.com to get started.

Transformation from Traditional to Digital

We work with companies to refresh their brand identity in order to keep up with the current market space or as part of the transition through acquisition. We also work with many customers to create a new sub-brand on their expansion plan.

We help business with our depth & breadth experience to support our clients in full range activities, from develop a new brand strategy and brand identity to development and maintenance.

Discover & Acquire New Customer Group

Customer behaviours change across time. We work with business to identify the target market and the gap to connect existing and new potential customers.

We develop strategy and funnels to reach out to the customer group and create a better value to your brand.

Business Diversification with New Product or Service

We will work with you closely to create a launch strategy and help with launch activities. This includes strategy, planning, framework, success criteria and all the necessary assets to make the launch success. From eCommerce to new technology software or platform launch, we provide the necessary assets to make it a success.

Strategy to Optimise Marketing Efforts

To optimise your marketing and advertising spending, we will work with you to identify and develop a marketing strategy, which includes establishing processes and systems to collect necessary date for future analysis. Making the right decisions based on data is important for company expansion.

We help companies plan practical and executable inbound and outbound marketing strategy and tool kits to deliver valuable impact to their customer and eventually translate to brand value and revenue in long run.

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